Hello there!

My name is Angeles and how you may have noticed, I usually take advantage of the cuteness of Alessandro (my dog) to break the ice and present myself.

Since the first time I interacted with a computer, I have been drawn to technology and design, to the point that my childhood hobbies consisted of participating in design forums and building simple websites in Photoshop & Microsoft Front-page.

Motivated by a love for graphic design and a curiosity to understand what role it played in business I decided to study a degree in Advertising, which gave me a huge knowledge about business, consumer psychology, and design.

After a few years working in design and digital marketing, I have discovered the UX / UI world, a field where I can put to good use my analytical side and curiosity about human behavior and build meaningful products that solve real-life problems.

Do you want to know more about my work experience? Here you got my CV!